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The Universe witness an unprecedented change, movement and a mindset, Ireland also need to lead and to lead, the AfricanCaribbean Irish Ownved Businesses needed to rewrite the Economy Community Opportunity Power Growth.

EnoughIsEnough we need to change the face of racism and all things pertaining to inequality, injustice are unwanted and will not be tolerated. It's important to ensure that we're actually making good on our promises to be better and allow our decision to reflect our words. Here to help us along the way is AfricanCaribbeanIrishOwnedBusinesses, a newly established platform on Facebook and Instagram account a sister page to Rural Ethnic Micro Entrepreneur Network whose mission is to "be a game changer" by giving businesses in our community an (ECO) Economy Growth Power; Community Strength; Opportunity to Flourish in terms of available resources and be a voice in making sure we are well-represented in the mainstream, strong economy power to allow us control our wealth to our advantage and change the cause of present; future generation of descendants of Africans Caribbean in Ireland.

We are covering everything from micro, small, large businesses, owned company, hair, beauty, food, fashion, books and the creative arts, it's a great place to start and discover new talent (or at least talent that could be considered 'new' to you)

It’s important that we work together to increase our net economy worth! Please #BuyAfrican.

Our vision as the chambers is to be a driving force that will create a nuclear energy to empower and elevate African Caribbean Irish Owned businesses in our community. To serve its members in diaspora, to focus on our development and become part of a global economic development, business networking, mentoring, e-commerce, business union, cultural enhancement and business development.

Our mission is to “enhance and advance the interests of African Caribbean Irish Owned businesses, both profit, social enterprise and non-for-profit by satisfying the needs of our Diaspora members with a valued service in enhancing the economic growth power, communities prospect and resource opportunities”. ECO

Our key Theme are #BuyAfrica; #SupportingAfricanCaribbeanBusinesses; #Africanlives Matter

Businesses you can support, like, share and buy from. Please tag (or DM us) any AfricanCaribbean Irish Owned Business not included and we’ll add it to the directory. 




Get Directions Willsbrook Road Lucan. +353 87 348 5273. Contact African Shop on Messenger. Shopping & Retail

0872143992, Co.Dublin, Ireland: Website:

Netherland Dwarfs Ireland; Mini Lops Ireland; Chinchilla Breeder Ireland; African Pygmy Hedgehog For Sale Breeder Ireland; Chinchillas For Sale Dublin Ireland; Chinchillas Ireland; African Pygmy Hedgehogs Ireland

Website: 934 5692 /

Store Information. The South African Shop, N91 A003, 2 Spoutwell House, Spoutwell Lane, Mullingar Co. Westmeath

We are promoting our program initiative as an organisation and company to support African Caribbean Irish Owned Businesses to develop our (ECO) Economy! Community! Opportunity! to flourish and change the curse of our descendants, present and future generation.

This press release is create needed awareness in the mainstream media, social media platform, form ally with other businesses that will need services we provide, resources that we have within our communities here in Ireland with global connections. We have developed a directory list of businesses in our communities that can be explore.

African Caribbean Irish Owned Business is the 1st ever(First Ever) created here in Ireland that focus primarily in supporting African Caribbean businesses, organisation, profit and non profit, micro businesses, individual career and collective collaboration born out from our sister associate initiative “Rural Ethnic Micro Entrepreneur Network” with the primary intention to support our community in developing their economy growth power, nourishing community leadership strength to prosper in building strong hold , while we create opportunities, resources opportunities, utilize opportunities that may exist around us to maximum potential. We believe in the power of strength, numbers and unity. We are launching our #BuyAfrican which was kick-start on the 27th June 2020 to become a national day celebration, and we have continue our open Conversation, Dialogue Talk with a social media campaign running all through the year, 30th June, July, August, September, November and December and calling on all personnel, media and potential clients, customers and communities to join us in given it a voice in our space

The African Caribbean Irish Owned Business which to serve as an Irish point of reference for future and present African trade missions and African companies, providing network opportunities for our service users, client and members of our sister platform, " Rural Ethnic Micro Entrepreneur Network" through, virtual talks, conference, workshop seminars and our Adcenter Virtual Stall Exhibition Expo on all social media platform.

This is a business initiative idea creating strong working links with both the Irish, migrant, and African Caribbean Irish Owned Businesses an opportunity to develop our economy power for our community. We hope to offer you all a broad range of services by which are;
Training on marketing strategy, copy and paste strategy model, social fund, mentor-ship and legal support. Providing access to a broad cross section of relevant contacts and to recent information on investment and trade.

Our mission is to create the largest economy growth power in our community and a powerful force in terms of community input to support consumers, create opportunities in area such as political, marketing, finance, branding, educational structure, geographical wealth and a robust platform, given efficient foundation to serve African Caribbean Owned business owners.

#AfricanIrishLivesMatters, #AfricanLivesMatter #AfricanlivesMatter, Created, Founded and initiated by Susuana Olatunji Komolafe Kindly click and fill the form, it takes only 2 minute

Susuana O.M Olatunji Komolafe {CEO}
Afro in Diaspora Center /

We need to create an audience with the public on our they could support businesses in our community and we will appreciate a direct contact and schedule comment in the comment below on what are your thoughts. - Susuana Olatunji Komolafe

Profiling Projecting Positve Image of African Caribbean in Diaspora