Big Congratulation to No Campaigner

Heroes No Camp
A Big Congratulation to all the No Campaigner, for having a voice, for not being silent, for your courage and impact made in history knowing that you're not ashamed to express your view and preach what you believe is the best and stand for. We are the "Heroes" the over 32% percent that came out to vote, despite all prejudice, lack of financial support from the government in our camp, lack of support from government funded organisation, lack of media coverage and all other burden. We still made our voice heard. We all had different reason for saying No and I hope some of those issue will be address by the government. For those of us that our faith is the strong reason for voting No, believe me it's well with us because we have done what the Lord Jesus ask of us, Tell the world about me, speak the truth in my words, tell the world about my kingdom to come and that is all is required to say it , speak out and all in love and in a peaceful manner. As Christians we stand for peace love movement and we did it all.
Profiling Projecting Positve Image of African Caribbean in Diaspora