Power of Sharing! Adcenter@ Sheroes Award Evening

I am a Sheroes; The Women of Excellence Who Inspire, Influence and Impact

The CEO Adcenter say a big congratulations to all the PIONEER SHEROES Awardees: Elizabeth Ozua - For inspiring Women in International Business, Nana Adeniyi - For Inspiring Young Women and you're an inspiration to mothers, Sarah Ekada - For Inspiring Women in Fashion, Sylvia Mbasinge - For Showing Incredible Leadership for Women in Direct Provision in Mosney, Yetunde Joyce - For inspiring Women through Entertainment, Dolapo Sanusi - For Mentoring Young women and a business woman to the cure, Esther Onolomemen - For Inspiring Mothers in difficult situations, and an inspiration to your children, workinh hard, Salome Mbugua - For Impacting Ethnic Minority Women in Ireland and Tokie Laotan Brownn - For supporting Women through Community Development and keep going, kudos to everyone.
SHEROES are women of career destination for professionals, committed to career success and individual work-life fit. It is a gateway to the finest opportunities, resources and conversations women can have.
SHERO: A female hero; a woman that displays strong heroic traits under tremendous pressure and is triumphant over her circumstances. A SHERO is a woman who is an active giver, an example of what is possible, and a brilliant inspiration to people of all ages. We believe that SHEROES are women that have been through extraordinary experiences and have proven to be “Sheroic” in those efforts. SHEROES are Victors NOT Victims!!!
SHEROES Award embraces 'female super role models' in our local and global communities to empower their voices and become triumph creators for positive change.
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