Power of Sharing! ADEOLA OGUNSINA, I profile, project positive image of African's Caribbean living here in Ireland.

Adeola Ogunsina is profiling, projecting positive image of African's in Ireland
Today is the first day of "Africa History Month Ireland, 1st November" We profile, project positive role and recognized, Adeola Ogunsina a Nigerian, African and Irish nationality living here in Ireland.
The month of November in Ireland is set aside to celebrate "Africa History Month Ireland" We have identify Adeola Ogunsina a Nigerian, African and Irish nationality as one of the people that will be profile, project his positive impact, contribution and in recognizing his role here in Ireland and impact that is made Globally.
Adeola Ogunsina living in Ireland with his family, for some years now and he his into On-Site Refueling Business and Transportation. 
Adeola Ogunsina has worked closely with Minister for Transport, Tourism & Sport Leo Varadkar in recent years which is now the minister for health, and has been a key player in the development of  New Fine Gael party for new communities here in Ireland and working closely with Alan Shatter and with full support from the African Caribbean Migrant communities here in Ireland.
Key roles of Adeola Ogunsina are Business, Creating Opportunities, Politics, Community Development, Grassroots, Creating Jobs, Home-base and Working with his people.  He's a prominent Nigerian know by his people and the locals.
He is a "Pace Setter" leading with good example.  
Adeola Ogunsina is the current "Chairman Fine Gael New Community Party"
Under the platform of Fine Gael he is leading is people to the new Irish which is inclusive of African Caribbean Migrant community in making decision and having a voice. During my chat with him Adeola Ogunsina as a message for the people saying: “The new Irish, migrant, and his Nigerian communities eligible electorate needs to know their duty – an honor for anyone to be nominated under the Fine Gael party, to have a voice, associate with "Father of Integration Alan Shatter" and to participate effectively in Irish politics because we have to create the New Irish we want for our children.
Adeola Ogunsina originally from Nigeria, but came to Ireland 15 years ago. He lives with his wife and four children in Dublin West. A businessman working in the fuel industry, Adeola employed over 25 people while running his service stations in Dublin West from 2003 to 2008. He set up is innovative On-Site Refueling service in 2009, which now employs 7 people.
 “Adeola first joined Fine Gael in 2005. As a migrant, he felt it is important to engage with the political process as well as all other parts of Irish life. He joined his local Fine Gael branch in Dublin West and began working as a Membership Officer. This was a good way to get to know other members of Fine Gael in his area.
 “Adeola supported the Minister for Health, Leo Varadkar TD, during his General Election campaign in 2007 and was delighted that he was successfully elected to the Dáil for the first time. He was active in the 2011 General Election campaign also, which led Fine Gael becoming the leading party in Government in the 31st Dáil.
 “Adeola represented Fine Gael in Dublin West in the Local Elections of 2009. While he did not get elected, this was a very positive experience for him, as he learned the intricacies of the local government system, which is a solid foundation for understanding national politics. It also enabled him to promote mutual respect, understanding and co-operation for those of us who have come to call Ireland home, by generating and proposing positive ideas to promote a multicultural Ireland while preserving Irish tradition and way of life”
 “Adeola have played a role in giving employment in his local community, where his children also go to school. Becoming a member of Fine Gael gave him the opportunity to further network with other people with similar outlooks and ideals.
Quote Adeola Ogunsina "It’s important to make your voice heard and to play your part in your local area”
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Profiling Projecting Positve Image of African Caribbean in Diaspora