Power of Sharing! Soha Gendi & Susuana Olatunji Komolafe

Xclusive Familiarization Interview with Her Excellency Soha Gendi Egyptian Ambassador to Ireland

The Chief Editor Afro Carib Lifestyle's & Achiever's Magazine Newspaper Talk Show & CEO Afro in Diaspora Center
Susuana Olatunji Komolafe
led a visit of the organisation with
Issy Taiwo Executive Director of 
View-me Online TV,
to meet the Egyptian Ambassador,
Her Excellency Ms Soha Gendi in Dublin on the 3rd of December 2015 on an 
Xclusive Familiarization Interview.
The visit is to strengthen the embassy relationship with the organisation and also to profile, project positive contribution the Ambassador is doing here in Ireland and to communicate a positive message to all Egyptian base and living here in Ireland of what the Embassy do and can offer to support is people.
Introduction to Ms. Soha Gendy
She is an Ambassador to Egyptian Embassy in Ireland, Arrive officially 9 months ago and previously worked in Romania, Germany and New York. Soha was involve in many work with lots of experience since she started working from age 22 years. She speaks Egyptian Classic Arabic and English.
She is a very fun, interesting and accommodating woman. Soha engage us during the interview with her presence  and taught us how to greet in Egyptian language
"Ahlan Wsahlan" means welcome. She also bless us with a gift, which is symbolic in their culture a cross "The Key of Life"  As a Christian I believe the Lord gave me the key to life. 
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