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Profile, Projecting Positive image of Nigerians in Ireland, Me and Actor, Director, Musician and Writer Uche.

Uche is the first Nigerian that is a main Actor in the Irish series soap "Fair City"

Uché Gabriel Akujobi is an Actor, Director, Musician and writer originally from Nigeria.

A graduate from Trinity College Dublin, he has lived in Ireland for 13 years and has been involved in many communal activities in that time.

Over the years, he has been an integral member of Arambé Productions, Discovery Gospel Choir, Trinity Afro-Caribbean Society and the Dun-Laoghaire Refugee Project.

Uché, through making films, currently works with many migrants and local indigenous in creating art that surpasses our cultural differences and encourages harmonies.

His previous works include

“Butcher Babes” at the new Theater by Bisi Adigun a Nigerian director

“The Kings of The Kilburn High Road” by Jimmy Murphy “Strike” by Tracy Ryan

The award winning documentary “Blood Fruit” by Sinead O’Brien where he plays Nimrod Sejake.

He now appeared on “Fair City” by RTE productions for 12 episodes earlier this year making history, we have had extra over the years.

On the music front, he is one of the founders and lead singer of Yankari Afrobeat Collective; A band that follows in the footsteps of human rights activist, Fela Anikulapo Kuti, which recently celebrated their debut EP release: Memoirs of Our Times.

As a creative individual, he constantly works with the Irish Aid in holding cultural awareness workshops through music with the young and the not so young. Workshops are held throughout the year during special events like the "Africa Day" in the month of May.

In the meantime, he continues to perfect his craft as an actor, film maker and musician here in Ireland making impact locally and going globally.

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