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1st Ever Africa Caribbean Migrant Diaspora Women Summit Ireland

Afro in Diaspora is a group of women committed to supporting women, men and children of the African Diaspora through education, information sharing, peer-counseling, socializing mentoring and promoting each other as a group, while we hope and believe that the knowledge acquired will be passed down to support others. We are motivated by our commitment to the philosophy of altruism and to sharing our knowledge and experience with others. They have being around since 2010 and have work with a team of volunteers around the country with a proven record. To give you more insight into the organization: they are a small, non-profit group, which was set up to promote a positive profile of African Caribbean community. Working in collaboration with migrant and the host community the group, though having national aspirations, has focused its work on a selected number of counties. They have a functional mobile working office and work with partners presently in Cavan, Dublin, Cork, Meath, Louth, Monaghan and Roscommon where we are presently seeking to deepen our work with new communities'to initiate our various new initiatives. The group focus on area of volunteering to achieve the aims and mission of the group, which centers on sustainable integration, with a focus now on rural communities in Ireland supporting migrant living in rural Ireland today.

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1st ever Africa Caribbean Migrant Diaspora WomenSummit @FestivalOfWomen #BuildingOurNetwork

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In the recent years the group started their 1st ever Women Summit to celebrate FestivalOfWomen which was themed #BuildingOurNetwork that primary focus on identifying and creating a platform for African Caribbean Migrant Diaspora Women in Ireland paving ways in their different field and bringing all this women together under the same roof. The organisation also formerly formalized their Adcenter Modeling Agency for Models of all background to flourish and use the platform for a stepping stone to build a career in Modelling. Also launch their first Rural Ethnic Micro Entrepreneur Network the aims is to empower upcoming aspiring inspiring entrepreneurs, thinkers, pre-micro, micro to achieve success, create a platform to connect, aspire, showcase the best of Africa traders entrepreneur, Caribbean businesses, migrant market space and Irish rural and urban farmers and businesses doing business in both urban and rural but with more focus on (rural)Ireland.

The organisation continuously actively engage in the community and support the work of so many other organisation by being part of their story with their recent published book of working with 7 women from different background to tell their story to inspire the world.

In so many ways base on the work of the organisation and especially the fact that all this work is done without having a main streamline funding or resources but with effort of dedicated volunteers to carry out all the work, time , skills put together.

We are hoping that in 2020 Women Summit we can focus on a mini-conference designed to discuss how policymakers in politics, businesses, and citizens can harness these digital technologies to create a better place to explore, live and work and to improve the quality of life, our stories, businesses and the economy in large rural and Urban Ireland for African Caribbean Migrant Women.

Aout Elizabeth UK Speaker
Cavan Library Summit Space
Reiki Specialist
The Product Launch
The painting & Photographic Exhibition
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Picture from 2018 Women Summit

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