Writing to Publish Workshop "Masterclass Workshop"

Facilitators: Susuana Olatunji-K & Pauline hanson Gilman

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Past Journey of the "Writers Workshop"

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“The best way to cheer yourself is to try to cheer someone else up through your writing, words and positive knowledge.” Susuana Olatunji Komolafe 


"If you want to be happier, ask yourself this question every morning, am I grateful in sharing my story" Susuana Olatunji Komolafe 


"Make your book the town gossip, gossip is at the heart of human evolution. It's a resource that's infinitely available at know costs to implement" 

Let do it together, Susuana Olatunji Komolafe 

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"Thought of the Day' Week One"

"Thought of the Day' Week One" Jill Downey

Really enjoyed last night wasn't sure what to expect never know might be a writer in me.

I learned last night about the different dialects in Nigeria and it nice to have a small group where we can learn about each other. You and Livingston were great.

Week Three

Enjoyed last nights session and very encouraging to see more people. Our visitor was good and very informative. I hope to make more progress this week with the writing. Each week I come away having learned something new and second week was also a great experience.


"Thought of the Day' Week One" Rose Bradley

I was very impressed with the professional way in which the class was presented. It was great to see a timetable with topics of sessions and that there were aims and objectives which is always a good thing as there is a goal to be achieved and something to work towards. There was a variety of cultures and backgrounds in attendance which gave the group lots of colour and strength and it was great to be able to share among ourselves some of our personal backgrounds that brought us all together on the night. I always feel that a tea break is essential as it allows us to chill and mingle which we did on the night. It was a very easy going atmosphere and a nice small intimate group. I was unsure of what to expect before I attended but I am pleased to say that it was very enjoyable and I am glad that I went. See you next Wednesday Susie & Livingstone.

Week Two

I enjoyed Week Two and found the advice from Maeve Binchy both informative and realistic. It helped me to focus on myself and to question when I was born and why? What can I offer the reader that is different to anyone else. I liked the reminders about who I am writing for and who the audience is - this will help me to focus on the storyline better. Week two also provided the formula for writing - pity, fear and catharsis which will help to give me direction for my future writing.

Week Three: I decide to put my evaluation of the week into a poem and demonstrate the level of progress


Title: Writing To Publish

 Writing to publish, the right to write

We all have a book within our sight.


Each Wednesday evening, from seven ‘till ten

The thoughts that will flow when you pick up the pen

With Susie and Livingstone our tutors each night

With the help of Kunle we can be that light

Don’t forget all the tips and words of advice

To make a profit sure would be nice

Whether an article, a book or even a short story,

Just stick with it and you’ll get all the glory

Keep in mind all your thoughts and all that you do

And remember - everyone has their own point of view.

So believe it is good, believe in yourself

That’s the way to get your book on the shelf.


"Thought of the Day' Week One" Harifa Daly

I must say this group is great,you are doing good things to the community,this day women needs more support,we need to get out there and make a change,I must say a big thank much for what you are doing, big thank you from Miss D

"Thought of the Day' Week One" Rebacca Adeyemo

This writing workshop is a great workshop especially for anyone that is aspiring to publish a book one day. I am glad to be a part of this workshop because this workshop provide amazing opportunity for new beginners and non-beginners writers in order to improve and develop their writing skills. I find the class very engaging and non judgmental. The people are friendly and willingly to help and the stories shared by individuals was interesting. I learnt a lot from this workshop such as time keeping when writing and avoiding procrastination. In my opinion, the writing workshop first week was a success.

Rebecca Adeyemo

"Thought of the Day Week One Lanre Olanipekun"

I was one of the first students to arrive. I expected a lager class but there were six present

I had a great time. The class was quite interactive.We all read out what we wrote one by one. And if anyone had a question they asked the writer. We also had a training session by Dr Livingstone. some of the things I learned is that if you want to write a book you must do the following

  • Have a time frame, that is give yourself a deadline that the book must be completed in a year for example and this gives you a focus.
  • Set a time in the day for writing and do not just leave it for chances.
  • Schedule the duration of the writing, is it 90 minutes or two hours whatever you can use online help or use a book coach.

At the end of the lesson we were given homework. The homework was to get a topic for ourselves

and start writing a book.


@Boyle June 2016. Participant Profile

I am a wife a mother with a great jest for life. I enjoy writing, walking, cycling, golf, playing bridge and good conversation. As a professional retiree I intend to reach my full potential through varied interactions.


Thought of the Day

That first day Susuana you said you would keep reminding us of our book which we would publish together at the end of this workshop. You continued over the weeks to encourage us to consider publishing our own book. You did offer free advice and help to us during the course if we chose to do our own book separately. The videos we watched were helpful, and good to see Irish authors were included. I acknowledge that repetition helps the brain remember. I felt at times it may have been better to avoid too much repetition. The handouts we got were beneficial. Susuana you probably found it difficult to cater for people coming and going in the group yet you remained positive and smiling. You did not watch the clock and you were in no hurry to end the sessions, you were very flexible. Overall the course was enjoyable. It was good to meet other writers and share experiences too.

MaryAnn Clifford

 Meet the Facilitators 2022

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