"Africa Caribbean Migrant Diaspora Women Summit IRE”

By Susuana Olatunji Komolafe

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Greetings to you,

On behalf of our CEO, we like to invite you to join us on our virtual conversational talk on #BuildingOurNetwork

Theme: FestivalOfWomen

Below is the link to join us on Wednesday @7pm

Topic: #BUildingOurNetWork

September 30th, 2020 07:00 PM Dublin

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Click on this link and make a donation to support our vision in becoming a Game Changer. African Caribbean Irish-owned businesses struggle to access every type of capital that Irish business owners typically rely on to build a business, from home equity and bank loans to venture capital. Let Discuss #BuyAfrican


Coming your way very soon, express your interest now and join us to change the face of Ireland, and become "A Game Changer" This Summit will create a platform to showcase the various business talent, learning and capacity building skills, educational skills knowledge and strength capabilities that exist within the African Caribbean Migrants Diaspora Women

Your Women Summit is back and better (Africa Caribbean Migrant Diaspora) Get ready for an action-packed day, where you'll learn from other Women, thought leaders, partners, product experts, business expert, politician, thinkers, community development expert, startups on how to connect to your customers in a whole new way.

"Africa Caribbean Migrant Diaspora Women Summit IRE”

Target and Goal: To have a minimum target number of 100 virtual participants at every summit, mainly women and business stands.

Vision: As the CEO, Founder and Consultant creating a mandate to support African Caribbean Migrants women entrepreneurs to participate in rural, urban and international trade, to create a platform for ordinary women like me in becoming extraordinary women in all our area of life under the platform of our organization through organize this summit in bringing us together with a different voice

Aim: To empower and liberate African Caribbean Migrant women that are ordinary women becoming extraordinary through entrepreneurship, story sharing, networking, socialising, media engagement and being a voice to others.

Mission: To celebrate African Caribbean Migrant Ordinary Women becoming Extraordinary through power of networking platform to achieve greatness.

What we offering are by attending and we recommend that you join the chambers

Looking to network with business professionals? Want to improve your resume? Need help managing your time? If you answered yes to any of these, our “Spotlight Information Forum” is the place for you to be. Looking for an opportunity socially, business wise and economically impact the lives of African women Owned Businesses who buy from Women Owned Businesses and Social Enterprises across the African Continent, Caribbean women that celebrate Leadership among women in Caribbean island and Migrant lead women businesses finding root in Irish business and living here in Ireland, Join us.

Summit Focus

This Summit will create a platform to showcase the various business talent, learning and capacity building skills, educational skills knowledge and strength capabilities that exist within the African Caribbean Migrants Diaspora Women. It will provide prospects, opportunity to scout professionals both for delegates attending and presenters speaking integration through networking. The summit will bring key female influencers from this various background African Caribbean Migrants Diaspora Women in Ireland to the virtual platform sharing on multiple sectors and industries across their regions and beyond. The summit is designed to address personal capacity development, employment generation, career development to stimulate business and knowledge exchange in and with the African Caribbean Migrants Diaspora Women Business Community in Ireland and locally

Why you need to book An Information Stand OR Exhibition Stall @ Our Summit?

An exhibition, in the most general sense, is an organised presentation and display of a selection of items. In practice, exhibitions usually occur within a cultural or educational setting such as a museum, art gallery, park, library, exhibition hall, or World's fairs . The simple difference here, to me, is exhibits are items or objects displayed at an exhibition whereas exhibition is the formally organized event at which items are shown for public view at a trade fair or business fair or event fair.

Exhibitions provide face-to-face customer contact, which is the best way to build on relationships and form new ones with potential customers.

The beauty of a stall exhibition or information stand is that you can share your product or service with a pre-selected audience while investigating the competition and building relationships with new customers

Exhibit with us to gives you a powerful platform for meeting new customers, reaching out to your existing clientèle, and building a more established and reliable brand.

Develop and strengthen your brand, Join us to build your network with other great women

Profiling Projecting Positve Image of African Caribbean in Diaspora