African History Matters Ireland

How African History is told by the founder creator of Africa History Month Ireland an annual initiative observed in the month of "November" by Susuana Olatunji Komolafe

"I have a vision. It is a vision deeply rooted in the Africa culture. I have a vision that one day in the Africa culture all over the world and throughout the universe that the sons of former slaves, Freed Blacks, and native Africans will be proud of their culture and we'll be able to live together as brothers and sisters. I have a vision that one day in African culture, the cultural science of “Blacology” will become real and Africa culture will roll down like waters and our history like a mighty stream" -Susuana Olatunji Komolafe

As a woman I have come to the realization of the importance of playing my role within the society.

In the world and as a believer in creating a comfort zone for every woman in life and in our spiritual journey with our creator. Susuana Olatunji Komolafe

The Recognition of the role of Africans in Ireland to celebrate "Africa History Month" Initiated here in Ireland since 2010 by Susuana O.M Olatunji-Komolafe in recognition of the contribution of all Africans that has lived or still living in the Republic of Ireland, which have played a positive role and make an impact in the society. As Africans we share history with Africans Americans Descendants of slaves, African British, Caribbean Island, living here and back home as they also celebrate their identity. To allow youth, children and young generation understand the beauty of their roots and staying strong in addressing the opportunities and challenges of being a minority in Ireland.

The purpose of this project initiative is to explore African history, culture, heritage, experience, creativity in writing, knowledge as seen by Africans worldview and African literature through solely African authors and people with knowledge of Africa, a shared history with Irish people and Africa impact in the world global development. I have developed African Studies which will be thought at the "Africa History Educational Center" it is a virtual school of though and if you are interested contact us through

The history of Africa begins with the emergence of hominids, archaic humans and—at least 200,000 years ago—anatomically modern humans (Homo sapiens), in East Africa, and continues unbroken into the present as a patchwork of diverse. I believe that "African stories needed to be told by Africans" and as a storyteller developing content on our history the narrative needed to be change and how we sell our stories should be reflected in the branding as heros, game changer and with much greatness.

Until the history of Africa continent is told by Africans, the story of greatness will always glorify the imperialists. - African Proverb

Profiling Projecting Positve Image of African Caribbean in Diaspora