Power of Sharing! Adcenter@ Nigerian Carnival Ireland.

Adcenter and team participating with Yemi & Deji Adenuga and team on the 6th year celebration of Nigerian cultural heritage, showcasing the best to Irish audience.

Collaboration, Community Participation and making a Business Presence at the NCI Business Expo and Networking. This is the 6th year on a run and i believe that participation  on the part of us Nigerians are getting more better than ever, the host communities are doing great in wanting to learn a lot about our culture and getting to know more about great Nigerians in Diaspora.
Ireland is becoming a home for us Nigerian, just like Yemi and Deji Adenuga, family and team are making a great effort on the project about the beautiful culture of all Nigerians through the Carnival. The day promises to be an interesting day of informative sessions, networking, exploring various business ideas and opportunities to inspire, I believe in my own view that that actually happen. A  changing life experience for most of the participant and for some it was a new platform to launch their brand.
Model Rivers Vilija and Event Manager Adeeyo the most influential socialist here in Ireland at the Adcenter Stall
Knowledge is power, and projecting this to Adcenter Young aspiring Models and learning about Sickle cell disease was a great opportunity and drive at the NCI for my girls.
SOM is the creative designer behind the Hat on the Models.
Desmond, Danielle and Angel
At the business expo we have six fabulous great speakers Dr. Kenneth Germaine, Ailish Smith, Billy Linehan, Chinedu Onyejelem, Godfrey Chimbganda. The success of the expo was base on the business presence, community participation and collaboration of all the different businesses and NGO that make it a point to join Yemi Adenuga at the workshops on accessing resources to start building up our businesses, mainstreaming your business, right skills acquisition, the power of renting voice or foreign body said by our own Chinedu and sharing through knowledge of learning from experience.
Our Project Manager Klaudia Okros and Director of Festival Yemi Adenuga having a chat on the process of the Carnival Parade
Adcenter is well represented at the NCI carnival Parade by the "Able Team" Af DiasporaCenter
Klaudia Okros and Rivers Vilija
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