Power of Sharing! Adeeyo Aderire Ademokun is Story

Alias No-Boring Junction, Manager Crown Venture, Founder of Nelson Mandela Resource Center and Friends of all

Mrs Adeeyo herself right by his side
Adeeyo as I love to call him live in Drogheda, Co Louth, Ireland with his family, which consist of wife and four children, 2 boys and 2 girls. Adeeyo loves God, he is a man skilled in his work, and serve before kings; he will not serve before obscure men. Paradise on earth visit no boring junction @ Duleek
Adeeyo host Kings
He should be first remember as a father, husband , friend, God fearing and most of all "Making A Cultural Social Change in Ireland and all around his environment" Global Impact. Socially
Adeeyo mingles with Ministers
Always with a beautiful selfless smile, Innovative man, Creativity, Full of Ideas to create a sense of belonging. A man of the people and for the people.
Executive Director at Crown Venture· January 2005 to present base in Drogheda, Ireland
Hes is a Graduate Student of University of Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria and came out with an outstanding result.
He is a Husband , Father of four, He is a Dad and most of all He's a Friend
Sometimes its not about d noise and how long,It's about d quality. Simple, selective, distinguish and perfectly organised.....thank God....noboring junction. Adeeyo popularly known compliment it all.
He has over the years perform outstandingly in the area of providing service to his community socially by catering for IT, Travel and Tourism. He started the first ever Innovative Idea of celebrating "National Pray Day for Nigerians in Diaspora" which for the first time was moderate by a prestigious woman Susuana Olatunji Komolafe and the initiative was recognized by the Nigeria Embassy here in Ireland.
Adeeyo and me, Susuana Olatunji Komolafe
He is the founder of Nelson Mandela Resource Center, in Duleek where he uses the venue to create an innovative platform for all Africans Living here in Ireland to call a home.
As the nominee we jointly started first of is kind Social Environment to celebrate our-self as Africans living here in Ireland and create an environment where people, young and older, rich or poor can come and be entertained , socialite without boundaries or prejudice and the project idea is called "Friday Night" which is a place to be every Friday, to forget your worries, dance, be celebrated and come to celebrate others in styles and with a touch of Klass, venue called "No-boring Junction"
He is involve in activities of most organisation both in area of Business or Non-for-Profit, also he is a member of different committees of outstanding initiative here in Ireland, UK and other Africa countries.
An example he is the Social PR for the initiative celebration of Positively Profiling and Projecting Africans here in Ireland "Africa History Month Ireland"
He is the Cultural Director for Nigeria Carnival Ireland and also Cultural Director for Nothing Hill Festival in UK.
He's the Public Relation Officer for most outstanding event here in Ireland, to mention just few, e.g. Ogun Day
He has receive various award here in Ireland and abroad for his outstanding contribution to Social Impact with is community and he's a man you can say do Integrate well within his own community both culturally and religiously cut across both Christian and Muslim.
This is just few of his contribution to social change.
Adeeyo mingles with the Best of his time
Adeeyo embraces family, fly and create fun for his own
Adeeyo his there when you need him
Adeeyo gives people a chance to have a joyful cry
Adeeyo celebrate models, differences, modesty and women
Adeeyo cut across different culture with his smile, I call him "Erin Oje Aya 'meaning wife' says capital NO, to anything
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