Power of Sharing! Meet Arlette Bomahou

Arlette is a weight lifter here in Ireland. The beauty of weight lifting symbol is in Arlette, an overview of her Power-lifting career

Arlette Bomahou giving a recognition Award by Adcenter @ the National Conference African History Month Ireland 2015 on the 15th November, 2015 @ Pillo Hotel, Ashbourne Town, Co. Meath. Recognition for her contribution as an African Woman Projecting, Profiling Positive image of Africans in Ireland and Globally.

Arlette Bomahou is 40 years of age, she is a Part time Digital Marketing Consultant for Tony Quinn Health Centre, a Member of the Irish Drug Free Power-lifting Association since August 2013, she have 10 years of weight training,1 year of strength & conditioning with Qualification in Sports Level 3 Gym instructor and Level 4 Personal trainer certificate recognized by REP in May/June 2014

She is born in North of France in Caen in 1975, her mother is from Togo and her father from Benin they both moved in France in the 70’s to study French. When she was a teenager she was very good in sport but didn’t take it seriously she was practicing athletics and basket-ball. Arlette dream was to be air hostess and live in the states. Michael Jordan and Carl Lewis were her ultimate hero. She was big into Madonna too she wishes  she could be as extrovert as she was as an artist. Arlette always felt she would live abroad or travel a lot. She was always fascinated about foreign languages and cultures.

Arlette passion for sport and foreign languages took her to Amsterdam where she lived for nearly 6 years. She worked for Nike and loved it then she decided to move to Ireland to discover a new country and culture. After 10 years living in Ireland she is still enjoying it and hope to raise a family here.

Reason why Arlette decided to get into power-lifting, She has been doing weight training for the past 10 years in order to get into better shape and live a healthier life style. It has helped her to lose up to 10 kg but more importantly to improve her body shape and level of fitness. If it was not for her personal trainer Adrian Quinn with whom she have been working since 2010, she would never have tried to compete in Power-lifting. He saw the potential in her while she was not aware of. In 2011 he suggested that she should compete, but she didn’t have enough confidence back then. In August this year she turned 38 years old and she decided she needed to achieve something for herself before she turned 40. So she jumped in at the deep end by participating in her first competition in Cork in August 2013 in the Mardyke stadium. Since then she fell in love with this sport that today made her an outstanding African here in Ireland and also among our communities.

Arlette achievements to date are as follow, she is an inspiring young woman making us proud to be one. European Olympics Games in Baku- Azerbaijan from 9th to 28th June 2015 Baku hosted the inaugural European Games next summer from 12 – 28 June 2015, involving more than 6,000 athletes from the National Olympic Committees of Europe across 17 days of competition, in what was the largest sporting event in Azerbaijan’s history. She was there as an international volunteer assigned to the Aquatic centre since Power-lifting is not yet an Olympic sport.

  • World champion title in Dusseldorf in Single World championship on Sunday 8th June 2014, broke World record in division equipped dead-lift with 162.5kg, Silver medal in unequipped dead-lift with 167.5kg
  • World Champion title in Glasgow in full power World Championship on Saturday 2d November 2013 (Squats: 102.5 kg, Bench press: 62.5kg and deadlift 160kg)
  • European champion title in full power Championship in Belfast on Saturday 10th May 2014 (Squats: 100 kg, Bench press: 57.5 kg and dead-lift 165kg)
  • European champion title in single lift Championship in Gorey co. Wexford on Saturday 13th September 2014. Broke World record in equipped division with Dead-lift @ 175 kg
  • Gold medal National Full power on Sunday 16th August 2015 (Squats : 105kg ,Bench press: 67.5kg, Dead-lift: 165kg). World record and European record set in Age 40 category.
  • -Silver and bronze medal National championship single lift on Saturday 22nd February 2015 (Bench press: 70kg, Deadlift: 177.5kg)
  • -Gold medal in National Deadlift and Bench Press competition in November 2014 (Bench Press: 65kg, Dead-lift: 175kg)
  • -Silver medal National championship single lift on Sunday 9th February 2014 (Bench press: 57.5kg, Dead-lift: 162.5kg)
  • -Winner of strongman competition on Saturday 9th March 2014 (Squats: 105kg, Bench press: 65kg, Dead-lift: 165kg)
  • Gold medal in National Dead-lift competition in August 2013 (140 kg)
  • Gold medal in National Bench Press competition in September 2013 (55kg)
  • Gold medal in CIT power-lifting competition in October 2013 (Squats: 102.5kg, Bench 57.5kg, Deadlift: 152.5kg)
  • Silver medal in National Dead-lift and Bench Press competition in November 2013 (Bench Press: 65kg, Deadlift: 145kg)
  • World champion title in Dusseldorf in Single World championship on Sunday 8th June 2014, broke World record in division equipped dead-lift with 162.5kg, Silver medal in unequipped dead-lift with 167.5kg

Calendar of coming power-lifting competition

WDFPF European Single Lift Championships September 18th to 20th Italy Rival Del Garda

WDFPF World Power-lifting Championships October 30th - November 1st – Gela- Sicily

Contact Details

Arlette Bomahou

Phone: 087 694 2907

Email: or


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