Power of Sharing! Africa History Month Ireland

Celebrating Africans & Caribbeans @ It's Best

The Africa History Month Ireland, created, found and initiated by Susuana.Olatunji.Komolafe the CEO Adcenter is calling on everyone, NGOs, Small and big Businesses, Start-up and traders in homes. We are still looking for sponsorship and exhibitors that will love to partner with us and use the "National Conference" as a platform and an opportunities to showcase their businesses and also featured in our Magazine Newspaper, "Afro Carib Lifestyle's & Achiever's. Get in touch to reserve your exhibition stall or to be a sponsor or a media partner.We have five different packages to suit your branding needs as our sponsor. Contact us through or inbox through Facebook and make a call for a quick chat.

Have you got your "Entry Sponsor Donation Ticket" ? Are your guests sorted? It's time to secure your tables to avoid disappointments, send me your guest list, call me and have a chat if you want to be at the conference, call me to let me know how you can support as a friend, what role would you like to play. Adcenter , African & Caribbean Living here in Ireland needs you to make the initiative and the day a wonderful day.

I need hostess for the evening to arrive from 2 pm, tell your young ones




1st November: African Caribbean Gospel Night

                         @ Cavan Church of Ireland

                              8pm - 10pm

    All proceed goes to the church restoration fund 

2nd November: Parents and Toddlers Cultural Day

                          @ the Cavan Johnston Library,                        Farnham Street, opposite Gardia Station

                           @ 2 pm - 5 pm

3rd November:  Exhibition & Storytelling

                          @ the Cavan Johnston Library,                        Farnham Street, opposite Gardia Station

                           @ 10 am - 5 pm 

4th November:  Exhibition & Storytelling

                        Cavan  African Film Festival Show                        @ the Cavan Johnston Library,                        Farnham Street, opposite Gardia Station

                           @ 10 am - 5 pm 

5th November: Cavan African Fashion Week Ireland

                          @ the Cavan Johnston Library,                        Farnham Street, opposite Garda Station

                           @ 5 pm - 8 pm

After Party @ Riverfront, Virginia, Co Cavan


                       Cavan African Film Festival show

                                   @ 8pm - 2 midnight.


The event will take place on the 15th of November, 4 pm -11 pm at Pillo Hotel, Ashbourne Hotel, Co Meath, Ireland.

On behalf of the "Afro in Diaspora Center I am requesting your support  toward "The Africa History Month Ireland 2015" to celebrate the positive impacts of Africans & Caribbeans Living here in Ireland. A shared history with the Caribbeans community and shared history with the Irish communities.

Donate! Donate!! Donate!!!

We are requesting your support in the continued organizing of the project to participate on step that we can take in creating more awareness on the project and how to advocate positive role we are playing here in Ireland and as a community and how to face our challenges.

Reasons why supporting us on the Initiative
Firstly because of "Me"  as the creator of the initiative the success is important to me.Your Presence and contribution will be well appreciated in every way because you are helping me to support Africa women, promoting mothers, our culture, textiles and heritage here in Ireland, the image, achievement, the initiative, our contribution as a community , shared history and beauty of Africa.

One of the most special reason , You are helping us myself and the board of "Adcenter" to continue supporting the Organisation "Afro in Afro Diaspora Center to continue in our community work to support Africans & Caribbeans in Diaspora and the integration to the host community.

It is also an opportunity to correct many of the misrepresentations, misunderstandings and fallacies of African Caribbean culture. African History Month promotes opportunities for open dialogue and personal interactions between many cultures. These conversations and interactions can lead to a better understanding and appreciation for what experiences and daily dilemmas each of us goes through as we all try to make contributions to our families, our larger society and integrating within the Irish society and experiencing our shared history

As a woman I have come to the realization of the importance of playing my role within the society, in the world and as a believer in creating a comfort zone for every woman in life and in our spiritual journey with our Creator.

A qualified educationist and a qualified trainer, with master's in Business Administration and having undergone training in various different field. As a woman with various experiences, this helps me in delivering the best service I can in working with people and making my dream and peoples dream achievable.

Introductory Background
The Africa History Month Ireland is kicking off with a great event this year 2015 and we want everyone to support us in celebrating Africans Presence here in Ireland.  The Recognition of the Role of Africans in Ireland to celebrate "Africa History Month" Initiated here in Ireland since 2010 by Susuana O.M Olatunji-Komolafe in recognition of the contribution of all African that has lived or still living in the Republic of Ireland, which have played a positive role and make an impact in the society. As Africans we share history with Africans Americans, African British living here and back home as they also celebrate. To allow youth, children and young generation understand the beauty of their roots and staying strong in addressing the opportunities and challenges of being a minority in Ireland.

We are the first group here since 2010 that start to celebrate Africa History here in Ireland. This celebration is to create more awareness around African presence here in Ireland, celebrate our contribution and tell our own story. "From the horses mouth"


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AHMI 2015 will celebrate the history, contribution, participation, heritage and impact of all Africans living in Ireland on a yearly bases in the month of November, to remember important people and events in the history of African Caribbean in Diaspora. I am Susuana Olatunji Komolafe and I began the AHMI celebration in 2010 under the platform of Afro in Diaspora Center to stand for what I believe. There are changes around the world with the use of the Word Black/African

AHMI will take place in 5 counties: Cavan, Meath, Galway, Cork & Dublin. Come and Join the planning team and committee for Africa History Month Ireland, November 2015. To book a stand @ The National Conference Africa History Month Ireland call us now on

The AHMI events will include:
Workshops in all five counties on the Story of African, Photography Exhibition,  Display of African games for your entertainment. 

African authors living here in Ireland and Northern Ireland will join us for a book fair, including readings and your chance to become an author. The leading African media and Newspapers will be on hand to welcome contributors and cover all activities at the Cavan/Meath Africa Film Festival.

Come on board, be part of the AHMI
We will also be collaborating with the National Youth Council of Ireland in Celebrating 'One World Week', which focuses on youth, young people making a difference in their communities, and a special focus on African Youth called 'Inspiration from Africa', where young people will have the opportunity to showcase their various talents and strengths.

"Say No to Violence towards Women"
Currently in Ireland, one in every eight pregnant women will suffer from some form of domestic abuse; we are joining forces with Women's Aid to create awareness during the event programme.

We are also launching our new Initiative 'Africa Caribbean Diaspora Men's Forum' to celebrate the men in our life, the impact of men in society, and working with positive men, helping to promote a positive image for African men, youth and boys. "The mission is to help our community thrive economically, ecologically, educationally and culturally, advancing their knowledge within the society we live".

We will be using the funding provided for the venues, the artists who will appear at the film festival, coverage of the event in all locations, supporting the volunteers, transport, banners, flyers, promotion, photography, refreshments at the 5 locations, materials and administration costs for the specialists who will be providing the workshops.

The Africa Caribbean shared history month is coming soon, and one of the topic I will like to exploit is Topic: "African Caribbean Same Sex Marriage & Relationship View" I will welcome anyone that can speak on this to exploit the positive, negative, opinion, believe, cultural content, religious content, people view, youth, old, the modern day African, Western residence African and what are the people saying.

I need a strong speaker that can deal with the critics of people different views without prejudice. This will be a good platform for everyone of us to talk, chat, cry-out, laugh and experience. Let the African Caribbean communities open up a conversation on "African Caribbean Same Sex Marriage & Relationship View"

Contact Susuana.Olatunji Komolafe on if you will be interested to speak or have a knowledge of anyone that can. Thanks to all.


The Adcenter is looking forward to its annual conference which brings together the leader of Africans & Caribbean and create a platform to share from across the global power change to Africa continent and people here in Ireland in November 2015. We are pleased to offer the chance for corporate sponsorship of the Annual Conference, which gives potential sponsors a range of options, prices and media platform and their contribution to the minority group.The event sponsorship aims to boost your visibility by providing a range of benefits depending on which level of sponsorship you choose and how you proposed to work with us.

Theme 2015: The Alkebulan

The theme for 2015 is decide which is "The Alkebulan" .same as last year but with a different focus and diverse. We call it "Acubaland" The Original name for Africa is :Alkebulan: Arabic for " The Land Of The Blacks".Alkebulan is the oldest and the only name of indigenous origin. We want to exploit more about the origin of Africa Continent as possible as we can. 

 Introducing you all to one of our guest speaker for 2015 "Donat Mabana" Donat is from Democratic Republic of Congo and has lived in Limerick for the past 15 years. He is a Coordinator at “SOS Congolese Youth” with the mission to ignite the emergence of a new generation of Young Congolese leaders to impact change in Ireland, the DRC and worldwide. He is also a member of many organisations including: Amnesty International, Campaign for Democracy in the Congo (CDC), SOFAD Ireland and the National Campaign against Racism in Ireland. Donat as appeared on radio talk shows, conferences and is a consultant in Ireland and Europe on issues relating to leadership, equality, diversity, anti racism, integration, youth, and violence against women. I recently meet this wonderful man of various words at the launch of art exhibition on my first trip to Kilkenny were I was celebrating with fellow Africans on the success of the exhibition. We believe from our conversation that Africa is the

Global Power for the Future

The Topic he will be speaking on is "Awakening and expressing the African Identity"

Susuana O.M Komolafe {CEO} Afro in Diaspora Center /

Afro in Diaspora is a group of women committed to supporting women, men and children of the African Diaspora through education, information sharing, peer-counselling, socializing mentoring and promoting each other as a group, while we hope and believe that the knowledge acquired will be passed down to support others. We are motivated by our commitment to the philosophy of altruism and to sharing our knowledge and experience with others.

Happy New Year from the Coordinator and Team of Africa History Month Ireland. Are u ready and looking forward to "The national Conference AHMI November 2015" Express Your interest and Get in touch.  Africans comes in different shade and co-lour of skin, light skin, red skin, brown or dark skin, etc. We've been lied to for obvious reasons.

 Simple as that.

The images of king Akhenaton (king Tuts father) queen Tae (king tuts grandmother) and queen Neffertiti. These people were without a doubt black, dark skinned people. A google search will provide photos of original sculptures of these three excavated from their tombs. 


Africa History Month Ireland 2014 is coming soon, we celebrate the history, contribution, participation, heritage and impact of all African's Living here in Ireland on a yearly bases in the month of "November" here in Ireland. Here in Ireland I stated the initiative of Celebrating "Africa History Month Ireland 2010" African-American is now trying to change from "Black American" to "African-American". When I stated it was hard but I stand for what I believe and now, their is changes around the world with the use of the Word "Black/Africa", I am proud of my "Black Skin Complexion" but my history is trace back to the "Continent of AFRICA specifically A Yoruba by Birth in Nigeria" I embrace the celebration of our history 365 days a year and even to the creation of the world. African History Month was never designed to be the only time of the year that we acknowledge our history but was designed to be a celebration of our history and the accomplishments that Africans both home and in diaspora have made as African's in the continent of Africa and in the World at Large.  As African-Americans and Canada celebrate in the month of February as "BlackHistoryMonth" Britain in October,  here in Ireland we are celebrating with you and proud of all Africans living in America.

RSVP: Susuana 0894776061; Website:; Email:; Blogspot:


 ON THE 3RD OF JULY 2014 @ 11 AM.


If you are an African author, kindly make contact with the Committee of African History Month Ireland to participate in the "African Author Day" during the month of November in celebrating African presence here in Ireland and contribution to art and creativity. Please we are looking for ideas around activities for the Cavan & Meath African Films Festival and the celebration of Africa History Month Ireland
Book a Stand @ "AHMI" Registration Form: 1st October- 31st November 2014, thanks.

Request for form or send email ""

Everyone another reason for you all to grace the evening by attending "National Conference of Africa History Month Ireland" 23rd Sunday November 2014 Carlton Hotel Blanchardstown, 4 pm prompt- 8 pm. Strictly time keeping.



The Migrant Communities are all coming together in one accord of love to show their solidarity for a Man that Reform the Immigration System here in Ireland. He as made a tremendous contribution to the Migrant Africa Caribbean Communities in Ireland.

Alan Shatter's final words as Minister for Justice: 'Integration is the only way forward for changing society.Alan showed us so much love let give back; IRISH society is changing, and part of that change is the number of non-Irish people who have chosen to live and work here. They have come from a large number of countries around the world. Alan Shatter; Born in Dublin to a Jewish family, Shatter is the son of Elaine and Reuben Shatter an English couple who met by chance when they were both on holidays in Ireland in 1948. He was educated at The High School, Dublin and Trinity College, Dublin. He has been to Israel a number of times, including to work on a Kibbutz as a young man. Shatter has lived most of his life in Dublin — he grew up in Rathgar and Rathfarnham and lives now in Ballinteer with his wife, Carol Ann (Danker) Shatter, and two children. He is the only Jewish member of Dáil Éireann


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 We want to Celebrate Africa History Month on the 24 of November, 2012 in Dublin By the Afro in Diaspora Center. 

 We need your support in organizing the activities and funding the events for the day. Africa History Month is a remembrance of important people and events in the history of the African Diaspora.

Website: Email: Blogspot:

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  • promote knowledge of African presence here in Ireland and Global presence, culture and heritage of Africans in Diaspora
  • Providing information on African contributions to the Ireland community
  • High-lighten the awareness of presence of African people in the past and modern African living here in Ireland in relation to their cultural heritage shared.
  • Celebrate the achievements of Africans and contrition within the Irish communities.

Report From "The Africa History Month Ireland Committee" 2nd Meeting on the 19th of July @ 43 Lower Gardiner, Dublin.

Registration for Stand: A Stand @ all location Galway, Cavan, Meath and Dublin 
If you like to have a stand @ the National Conference coming up on the 24th of November Carlton Hotel Blanchardstown @ Africa History Month Ireland, call now to book a stand. Great opportunity to showcase the best of Africa and what you do or sell.


Program for week one Creating Awareness through Radio and Television Media , Newspaper and use of Social Media.
Program for week two@Cavan and Galway
*Cavan African Film's Festival and Workshop on Women Affairs
Theme: African Here We are and Title: Women! Sex ! & Our Mental Health
*Workshop on Men Affairs
Theme: African Here We Are and Title: Men! Sport! Health! & Business Enterprise

Program for week three@Nationawide
*Presence of African's in Ireland @ Schools and Meet African Achiever's living in Ireland
*Radio interviews on Various Radio's Station

Program for week four@Dublin
*Social Night: Diaspora Night @ Noboring Junction, Duleek. 22nd of November. Co Meath
*National Conference on the 24th @ Carlton Hotel

Thanks and for more information contact the 
CEO Afro in Daispora Center
Susuana O.M Olatunji-Komolafe
089 4776061 or Mitaries 0894768627



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We want to Celebrate Black Africa History Month on the 23 of October, 2010 here in Cavan Town for the very first time by the Afro in Diaspora Center.

Afro in Diaspora is a new group committed to supporting Women, Men and Children in OUR HOMELAND Nigeria who live in poverty, need someone to support their dreams and experience a difference the best way they can.
February is black history month but its celebrated mostly in October, Britain celebrate the month in October and we want to join in celebrating as well. We need your support in organizing the activities and funding the events for the day.

Black History Month is a remembrance of important people and events in the history of the African Diaspora. Since 1976, it is celebrated annually in the United States of America and Canada in February and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in the month of October.
RSVP: Susuana 0863969526/Vera 0879257654


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Profiling Projecting Positve Image of African Caribbean in Diaspora