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Becoming A Confident Woman with "Abundant Results Coaching's"

Becoming A Confident Woman with "Abundant Results Coaching's"

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As a Woman that believe in the empowerment of women in a positive way for women to have the ability to be themselves and enjoy being a woman in every-way. I recognize the role Ewa Pietrzak is playing in the community, in her business and with herself especially being a migrant and trying to make a positive impact in a place you called home.

 Ewa runs regular workshops across Ireland helping people achieve what they desire, and you can check these on her website below.  

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Ewa Pietrzak is known as a success coach, dedicated to helping individuals and businesses fulfill their potential and achieve extraordinary results. Certified by Bob Proctor (The Secret) and the Proctor Gallagher Institute, Ewa is one of the top consultants worldwide running the ‘Thinking Into Results’ system. Originally from Poland, Ewa now lives in Dublin, Ireland and works with clients all over the world to get what they want in life. She believes everyone has infinite potential and we owe it to ourselves to learn how to use our mind to create success both personally and professionally.
Regardless where we start, with proven tools and guidance we can achieve anything we desire. 

Ewa runs regular workshops and events in Dublin and other cities in Ireland, helping people become fulfilled and effective in life. Ewa would like to reach out to you asking for support in spreading the word about her unique workshop for women 'Become a Confident Woman' The workshop are usually a full day of fun, interactive tools helping women develop confidence beyond their wildest dreams, both personally and professionally AND creating connections and friendships with like minded women.

Get in touch with Ewa and her team and they will respond to you within couple business days. Wishing you all the success you desire!


Contact Phone: +353 85 744 9847

Take the first step towards fulfilling your goals and desires and apply for a complimentary discovery session with Ewa. Gain clarity on your goals and find out how Ewa can support you with fulfilling them

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