Power of Sharing! Legend,Icon Moses Adejumo Olaiya and Me.

Meeting with the Legend and living a life of a legend with a legacy.

On the 19th of July 2015 I Susuana.O.M have the privilege and honor to moderated and the presenter of the Iconic Outstanding Award on behalf of Ijesa Women Foundation on the presentation of award to Most Senior Apostle Moses Adejumo Olaiya, a.k.a Baba Sala. Thanks to the support of Crown Ventures, all the committee members myself, Bukola Balogun and the sponsor, Busuyi Ultimate AGEGE BREAD​, Arowolo Heritage Hot Bread and African Dish​ and Iya Alamala and so many more that where part of the history making here in Ireland.
A man blessed with 16 wives but now left with 4 wives and many children around him, everyone mostly agreed that hardly can the history of comedy, TV drama and stage play in Nigeria be told without mentioning the contributions he made. Here in Ireland Close fans, close friends of his Ireland base children and family of the comedian celebrates his 79th birthday and later celebrate him with an outstanding Legend award at the Nelson Mandela Resource Center, Duleek, Co Louth, Ireland.The Ijesa-born actor and comedian is an old man now and does not have the force and virility of his youth, but when asked if he is still a comedian, he said, “It is in my blood. If I have to do it, I can still do it.”
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Love is a great thing in life and during the award when one of his song was sang, his face lighted up and he joined in singing.
The man himself that bring us all together to celebrate the legend Adeeyo has I call him, the manager of Crown ventures.
Myself on a journey to make it a day for the Legendary Most Senior Apostle Moses Adejumo Olaiya 
A man that start his journey as a hard working man, dad, father and a loving son by collecting "Daily Thrift" known in my Yoruba language "As Ajo"  a brilliant knowledgeable civil servant working as a "Sanitary Inspector", Known by Yoruba as "WoleWole" and still take time to teach part-time in the evening by sharing is God given wisdom with youth. Music also played a greater social part of his life by entertain the people of Ijesaland and is local base home in Ibadan with high-life melody known as tutelage group which King Sunny Ade was a founding members of that group and he want on to become the King of Juju. 
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