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Me & Serena Jameka Williams
I felt so unloved and under appreciated by the people I believe I love, that I had to found myself by start feeling so comfortable with the knowledge of knowing "Who I am in my relationship with my Creator" than I start living. Looking at Serena life, this year I became much interested and decide to know more and why she is so unloved.
Base on record;  Williams is one of the finest players of any gender to have graced the game of tennis. She has won 20 Grand Slam singles titles (and counting), 13 Grand Slam doubles titles and 4 Olympic gold medals. She is the only human being to complete a career Golden Grand Slam in both singles and doubles. In addition, Williams is one of only two people to have ever won Grand Slam singles titles in three different decades and to have won each of the Grand Slam singles and doubles titles at least twice. Despite these achievements, Williams is quite possibly the most unloved, underestimated and under appreciated tennis player of all time.
I also wonder how does she handle her relationship with her sister? The question is, is she unloved by her or loved by her? They started so young together but Serena is growing dangerously great.
"It's never easy to play someone you love and care about, but you play for the competition and enjoy the moment. I served well today - I didn't hit huge serves - I was really consistent, so in the end I was able to come through. It doesn't get easier" By Serena Williams
I understand how she feels from this saying that when you truly love someone and care, playing around is not an option, betrayal is a know go area, yes someone might say thus this applicable to men in their relationship with women or men and women in their attitude toward relationship and marriage, my answer is that is for you readers to decide or exploit the answer and share with me. If you give your all and yet you feel so unloved by the very person or people you most want to love you in every way.
Richard Williams rose from total poverty to raise two of the greatest tennis players, Venus and Serena, the sport has ever seen and witness by the world itself within the African Caribbean community, he did not allow himself to be defined by his past and also was unloved as said by himself by his own father, can that be true or his father was just incapable of being a man or  a dad or a father because he allowed himself to be defined by his own past and experience? 
‘It is a terrible thing to be so unloved, to know your father would rather let you die than lift a finger to help you, to watch him run off and leave you all alone,’ writes Williams.
As a child I love my father so much even more than my mother that I see everyday, because he was so far from me, but am thankful that I had the opportunity to know him then I understand how lucky I am with my mother and having her in my life. We struggle so much sometimes to be loved yet unloved, why if  we think hard enough, then why struggle, when the only person we all need to love us is "Almighty Jehovah God"  I will say Serena is loved by Him and He proves it by making her win and she doesn't need anyone or the media to do same.
"I say she's a Girls, Lady, Woman, Beauty at is best, Queen, A Warrior-Queen, An origin of Oduduwa, An African Goddess Descendant, An American Origin, Tennis's Greatest Artist with the highest grand slam titles to her name Serena Williams" Write by Susuana.O.M
I say we celebrate "Beauty @ it Best
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She transcend sport, beauty, sexology, racism and life, am not a sport person or achieve as much as she does in sport but what make me and her shared in common is the differences in our life, my story and achievement similar but yet different, within my surrounding and upbringing I will say I have and what brought us together is been "Unloved" with focus on people you want to really love you, yes you are loved and cared for but are they the people you yourself really want to love you, Serena is loved she knows that but the people that she really want to love her, all find her "Serena Jameka Williams unlovable
"Serena Unloved' Sport is her world, Tennis is her kingdom and media is her palace yet they all found her Unlovable" Susuana.O.M

"Serena Jameka Williams is World Champion in Tennis, she is fabulously beautiful!  And feminine potency!!" Susuana.O.M

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