Power of Sharing! My Presence in Cavan

Susuana.O.M Olatunji-Komolafe

Since I move to Cavan, I have made my presence know in every corner and create a sense of belonging for myself, I actually discover that I had my youngest baby in the Cavan General Hospital. Believe me I didn't realise this until I move to live in the town. I work with various community group and people from different background, participate within the community and got involve in other communities work locally and broaden.
Lots of story to share, I started with bringing women together, involve in the St Patrick parade, book launch, workshop, trips, committees, board, radio presenter, workshop transforming life, Youth initiatives, media presence, parent and toddler group and networking.
On the 12th June 2015 made a difference because all this work and contribution effortless was seen and recognise and my Lord made it possible for me to be alive, present and be part of the celebration. Yes someone was missing physically but hopefully not in thoughts. Various other organisations in Cavan was awarded and recognised at this year’s Cathaoirleach (Chairman) Awards. The awards which were split into five categories and saw over 20 local groups nominated and took place in the Cavan Crystal Hotel with three friends and members of the organisation there to support along with my nominee Mercy Adjarho.
I was nominated for my contribution in the area of community development under the platform of Afro in Diaspora Center and my previous work with Africa Caribbean Forum.

I formed the Afro in Diaspora Centre in 2010 with the support of my friends and family abroad that believed in the vision. The Centre was founded  to support those in Nigeria who live in poverty – to help women, men and children to realise their dreams. The Centre connects African people living in Ireland and help to improve their skills and empower and enable them to be self-sufficient.

I also founded and volunteers with the Afro Cultural Dancing Group - bringing together African women to perform traditional ethnic dancing and entertaining the Irish community with the group’s cultural heritage which started here in Cavan with my close friends and members support our first costume was fund by the peace funding. Since it was established, the group has performed to hundreds of people.

Susuana Komolafe The first directorship we have on file for them was in 2012 at The Cavan County Childcare Committee Limited. Their newest directorship is with The Cavan County Childcare Committee Limited. The company was established 21 Jan 2002 and is based in Cavan.

Through her work with her organization Adcenter, I have created different initiatives which are the first of their kind in Ireland; The African History Month Ireland (to celebrate the presence of Africans in Ireland making a positive impact in the month of November), The Afro Fashion Show Ireland (to celebrate International Women Day) and

Roadshow Workshop on A Woman’s World (to share life experience, sexology, relationship, fashion, motherhood, friendship and most of all love). I also created The African Caribbean Diaspora Men Forum; a new initiative to celebrate and engage African men in Ireland with the coming together of Africa Caribbean. Forum

Angela Silva nominated me for a Volunteer Ireland Award, Angela said “Susuana is a woman, mother and a friend whom you can trust and count on to support you when most needed.” December 2014 which I have the honor of the presence of close friends accompany me

Part of the work she does in Cavan under the platform of the Africa Caribbean Forum as the Chairperson and Coordinator is the CAVAN HEALTH PROMOTION PROGRAMME which was well organised and supported under the Peace Fund and the HSE with the support of the board members and took place at the Hossana House in Cavan.
A big thank you to the Lord for his strength and beauty over my life, children, family and friends
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