Power of Sharing!Integration for Young African Caribbean Migrant Women

Adcenter Ambassador Klaudia Okros

Klaudia Okros is the present Adcenter Ambassador representing Young Women from Africa Caribbean community and the migrant community here in Ireland and also promoting the great work of the organisation Afro in Diaspora Center


Adcenter with the lead of our brand Ambassador and Branch Manager is embacking on a new project of A photographic exhibition of young migrant new community women in Ireland playing a significant role in the integration and growth locally. To represent the voice of Afro in Diaspora Center, our aims, mission and values here in Ireland and all over Africa Caribbean Continent, to promote women integration and to give women a stronger voice in the world. Empower young women and girls socially, politically and economically; eradicate violence against young women and girls eliminate discrimination against young women and girls; ensure better educational and health (including sexual and maternal health) opportunities and outcomes for young women and girls; eradicate trafficking of young women and girls protect young women and girls in conflict and promote the role of young women in peace-building, and enhance the participation of young women in decision-making and leadership through a reflection from the photographic exhibition.

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The Adcenter Launch their initiative on Integration of Young African Caribbean Migrant Women into the Irish community lead by their Adcenter Ambassador Klaudia Okros "Ambassador for Young Women for Integration" the initiative under her office is to work, promote and give voice for young women in integrating and moderated by the CEO Susuana.O.M on the 1st of July 2015 at their Dublin office 43 Lower Gardiner Street.

The Afro in Diaspora Center "We are creating a platform for Young African Caribbean Migrant Women in Diaspora to integrate and voice to all"

Mini Conference Title: Integration for Young African Caribbean Migrant Women.

The Adcenter organizing a mini round-table conference on Integration for Young African Caribbean Migrant Women living here in Ireland to discuss how the government can keep supporting the integration and approaching the challenges faced daily by the communities. The conference will allow the organisation to help communicate their ideas and various representative of the Africa Caribbean Migrant communities participate in this discussion by communicating their ideas.

The conference was hosted “Klaudia Okros Adcenter Ambassador Young Women for Integration” and moderated by the CEO Adcenter.

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The organisation have appointed an Ambassador to the office for Young Women for Integration that will be promoting the work of the organization in the area working with Young Women and supporting them through the process of integration through our various activities, project and initiatives carried out by the organization {Adcenter} platform.

Date: 1st July 2015

Time: 10am – 1pm

Venue: 43 Lower Gardiner Street, Dublin 1

Contact us for registration to participate

Susuana.O.M Olatunji Komolafe CEO / 0894776061

Klaudia Okros Adcenter Ambassador / 0892264746

Afro in Diaspora is a group of women committed to supporting women, men and children of the African Diaspora through education, information sharing, peer-counselling, socializing mentoring and promoting each other as a group, while we hope and believe that the knowledge acquired will be passed down to support others. We are motivated by our commitment to the philosophy of altruism and to sharing our knowledge and experience with others.

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  •  How do we integrate young African Caribbean Migrant Women?
  •  How do we integrate?
  •  What are the challenges?
  •  How do we tackle the challenges?
  •  What activities/ initiative/ project and event can we organized to create forum for                   integration
  •  Identify the challenges face by young women


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"A special thank you to: Af DiasporaCenter for make it happen , our mini conference cannot happen with out you ! Thank you so much for believing me and for inspiriting me, I really appreciate everything ! Klaudioa Okros Adcenter Ambassador testimony and appreciation"
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Thanks for coming everyone we really appreciate that . It's great to know we can bring different community together , and we can talk , about integration of "Young African Caribbean Migrant Women" in Ireland. Something that everyone find interesting and all passionate which is a focus for the organisation. Working with different people with different background can work together as a team thank you so much We really enjoyed your company, contribution on the dialogue and the conversation:
River Vilija, Mercy Bemys, Chris Onos Mitaires Law Jamaicans and the Wider Caribbean Communities in Ireland , Sampson Ajeigbe
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We looking forward to seeing u all again on the next mini conference for a great conversation !

We all enjoyed your company, contribution on the dialogue and the conversation.

Profiling Projecting Positve Image of African Caribbean in Diaspora