Power of Sharing! Support Network Clinic

Talk! We Listen!


We are interested in your Mental Health & Well-being and for members and family of victims to support each other in a relaxed, friendly, non-judgmental environment.

This an African Lead organisation in delivering training on Mental Health Issue dealing with issues affecting African Caribbean families living abroad. Adcenter is providing a protective support group to people in a way that, people will find it easy to call for help. Title Theme; Talk! We Listen!

We are creating a development process to ensure it promotes health and works towards eliminating the stigma associated with mental illness and especially within the African Caribbean Migrant communities here in Ireland, Africa and Europe through engaging in an educative conversation talking and listen.

We are looking for great people interested, passionate and committed to make a change. We believe in us as African's and friends of Africans that we can do anything,through

Slogan "Diversity in our Thought"

Support Network Clinic for families affected with Mental Health and Cancer Issues. The project will involve in delivering training on Mental Health Issue dealing with issues affecting African Caribbean Migrant families living in Ireland.

"Our mission is to improve the quality of life and to give a sense of purpose to people and families affected by mental health issues to ensure that they and their families have choices, information, confidence, support and a sense of normality in dealing with the crisis"

The Support Network Clinic will offer practical support, advice and guidance to those affected by mental health as well as providing them and their family with a community of fellow members and specialist volunteers that understand what they are going through. We will offer f free activities, therapies counselling and advice on alternative medicine and an opportunity to talk and be listen too .

Call Care Line & Sit Down

The committee members of the "Support Network Clinic" along with the Adcenter staff and volunteer will help to provide a 24 Hour Call Care Line and a Walk in to Sit Down conversational chat dialogue to support family on our

"Talk! We Listen! Project Initiative

We provide an answer phone service available to take a message if you couldn't speak to us, a volunteer will get back to you ASAP OR you can also drop at our office in Boles of Boyle,Bridge St, Boyle, Co. Roscommon, Ireland OR we can meet up with you anywhere, anytime, any location here in Ireland for our "Let Meet UP4 Tea" in a location suitable for us both.

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Profiling Projecting Positve Image of African Caribbean in Diaspora