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100 CavanMeathWomen Who Gives a Damn & Care!

Aim; Purpose & Objective of the Group

The Purpose of this group is to provide fund and financial support for Groups or Organisations here in Ireland only that are base in County Cavan and Meath with a charitable status, OR non -for-profit, OR non governmental AND social enterprise with initiatives or project of benefit to the community and growth of the group or organisation.

What We Do

Aim: To support groups and organisation in building their group and achieving their set out goals.

Objectives: To gather and come together four times in a year, meet, donate,and decide what groups or organisation to fund or support financially with our resources gather at every meeting.

Who We Are

Women; The group will consist of women that gives a damn and care, women from all works of life, background, culture, ideas, nationality but with a common goals, of giving a damn and caring women.

We are a group of women that inspires, aspires and elevate to make a change in our local community.

Together as women we make a difference, so once every quarter (Three Month) we meet and agree to differ one local charity in a really BIG FABULOUS way

1 hour, €100 maximum, 4 times a year- Massive Impact! €10,000.00 total


1 hour,€25 minimum, 4 times a year- Massive Impact! €2,500.00 total

This is the difference you and I can make in an hour, every 3 months in a year to our local communities.

Make a choice, decision today to join us!

History and Foundation here in Ireland

Susuana Olatunji Komolafe founded the first "100AfricanCaribeanWomenIreland" in 2016 initiating the idea of bring women from this culture to come together and make a change within their own communities living and establishing groups, organisation, projects and initiatives here in Ireland. While the group was established and founded, during the process of developing the idea, came to the knowledge of this movement and also decide to establish in County Cavan and Meath "100CavanMeathWomenIreland" and this will cut across all culture and focus on any woman living in both county that will be willing to join to differ.

How does it work?

We meet for one hour, four times a year, and each member brings a donation of €100.

The group gathers four times a year for a one-hour meeting, and each member brings their donation of €100 maximum and €25 minimum that goes to the charity that the group selects. This combined donation of €10,000+ or less will makes a real impact, without time-consuming fundraising events and planning. Our mission and our hope is to provide for those in greatest need in County Cavan and Meath.

  • You are asked on your registration form to nominate a local charity and one week prior to each meeting every members nomination is put into a hat.
  • Three  maximum or two minimum names are drawn from the hat. (This will be base on available fund)
  • The charities that are pulled from the hat are then invited to send a representative to the meeting.
  • Each of the  charities  makes a 5-minute presentation about their cause at the meeting to all assembled registered members.
  • All members vote on which cause to support immediately after the presentations.
  • Votes are counted right there and then and the charity with the most votes is announced at the meeting.
  • All donations are collected at the meeting and the total donation is announced and given immediately to the group chosen by paying into their chosen account OR in cash if its a smaller group.  We only accept cash!!!. 

The top vote-getting charity then receives all the money, made out to them on the spot!

On each of four nights during the year, the 100 Women Who Gives a Damn and Care gives a maximum €10,000 or less of minimum €2,500+ to a local charity or non-profit right here in the community. It’s fast, simple, and amazingly effective.

This giving circle has no bank account, we are not a registered company, we have no overhead or admin expense to cover, we have a small volunteer organizing committee and rely on the registered members to support the group as a whole and offer help as needed to ensure meetings are run successfully. The simplicity and collaborative nature of the 100 Women Who Gives a Damn and Care is what makes it differ.

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